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Open email attachments with one click! Great products don’t make tasks complicated, but make complicated tasks simple. This zip unzip software works well even for novice users, with one click simplicity. Zip then unzip files with only a click or after a double click on them.


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Why zip files? When you zip a file, its size is reduced tremendously. With Zip Unzip By Click any document file can compress up to 4 times smaller than its original file size. You can zip a file of any type, including audio files, video files and image files and reduce their file size. Zip files are not only compressed files but they are also archive files. This means that multiple files can be combined into one zip archive file for more convenient storage. Zipping files first is a smarter way to transfer the files as e-mail attachments. File sharing networks also benefit from shared files that are zipped. Zipping files also helps you to save space on your hard disk since file size is reduced.

There are dozens of file zipping software utilities out there but most lack the fourth generation features of Zip Unzip By Click.

Great programs make complicated tasks simple. Most zip programs are complex and require you to pay a high price. But you will love the simplicity of Zip Unzip By Click. No need to read a long article to zip or unzip files. Zip Unzip By Click has very simple instructions, it has an on screen step by step guide explaining what you should do to zip a file or unzip files. Basically the task involves only two buttons. The first button lets you browse with windows file explorer to select a file or folder containing the files to zip. The second button triggers the zip operation and that’s it.

Screen capture 1 - Showing the main program window
screen capture 1 image

Zip Unzip By Click Uninstallation Instructions

1. Click on the Start button of your windows OS, usually at bottom left corner of your desktop.
2. A search box will appear on top of the start button. Type "Control Panel" in the search box and and press enter.
3.On top of the search results that appear click on "control panel" and that will take you to your computer's control panel.
4.In your control panel click on Programs then Programs and features.
5.In the programs list that appears find. Zip Unzip By Click
6. Select it and click on the Uninstall button on top of the list.
7. Wait for the popup window, which says, the software has been completely uninstalled.